Echoing Green (Poem with explaination)

Author ( william black) 

William black


William Blake was born on 28 November 1757 in London.He was a great artist and Poet.He was married in 1782 with Catherine Boucher.He went to school for few years .He left school when he was ten years old. His mother helped him in his studies. He was much interested in drawing.
 William black married to Catherine baucher . He opened a print shop also. He was a great poet but he was also very famous for his work of illuminating painting . This was a work by which he could illuminating books very quickly.His wife helped him very much in his work . she was a hardworking lady. William black's most important work was "Jarusalem"He sold many of his poems to other poets also . He joined Royal academy.He was a very good painter. He died on 12 August 1827 .He made portrait of his wife that day and then died in a happy mood.

The Echoing Green (poem)

The sun does arise, 
And make happy the skies. 
The merry bells ring,
To welcome the spring.

The skylark and thrush, 
The birds of the bush.
Sing louder around, 
To the bells’ cheerful sound.

While our sports shall be seen,
On the echoing green. 
Old John with white hair,
Does laugh away care.

Sitting under the oak, 
Among the old folk. 
They laugh at our play, 
And soon they all say: 

‘Such, such were the joys,
 When we all, girls and boys,
 In our youth-time were seen ,
On the echoing green. 

 Till the little ones weary,
 No more can be merry.
The sun does descend, 
And our sports have an end. 

Round the laps of their mother,
Many sisters and brothers.
 Like birds in their nest,
 Are ready for rest.

 And sport no more seen .
On the darkening green.

Explaination (Echoing green)

The Echoing Green" by William Blake, taken from his "Songs of Innocence", is a beautiful short poem. Blake expresses the joy and innocence of the children’s early experience of life. "The Echoing Green" begins with a short description of a grassy field on a warm day in spring.
 The sun shines brightly. The sky looks beautiful. Pleasant sounds of bells come from the nearby church. Song birds sing cheerfully. The sounds of bells and the songs of the birds merge into a beautiful melody worthy of the season of spring The old people of the village sit under the trees in the green while, on the green, young innocent children play their favourite games.
 The children are happy and excited. They have not yet tasted the grief and disappointment that life will bring them in later years. They are young and healthy. The beautiful village green, the birds and the spring are all theirs.
The old people watch their children play happily on the green and think of the. nappy days of their childhood They, too, had played on the same green and had their share of joy and excitement which only young children can experience. Then the evening comes. Children grow tired. They return home to, rest in the laps of their sisters and mothers.
This poem describes a scene on a grassy field. During the day
 it is filled with the noises of the children playing different 
sports and games. When the sun sets, it becomes dark and lonely. 
In these lines the poet says that an old man John with grey hair is sitting under the oak tree.
 Some other old men and women are also sitting there. They are watching the children at play. They want to forget their worries by sharing the joys of the children. During the day it is filled with noises of the children. Old men and women watch the children at play.
They want to forget their worries by sharing the joys of the children. In these lines the joy of childhood is contrasted with the gloomy old age in the form of sunset when the grassy field becomes the "darkening green. The poet says that the children continue to play on the grassy field till late in the evening. 
The sun begins to set and the tired children return to their homes. They have enjoyed themselves to their fill by playing different sports and games. 
At home they have rest and sleep in the company of their brothers and sisters. They seem to be like birds who have returned to their nests. The echoing green looks deserted and gloomy in the darkness of the evening. 

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